Hi, I’m Amy, a writer, editor, and strategic storyteller, exploring and elevating everyday stories.

I’ve worked in media and higher education for nearly 20 years, encouraging students to discover and strengthen their narrative voices and focusing on connections, craft, and creativity in my work.

Here I share personal essays — stitched together scenes from my family and small adventures that become bigger than we imagined. These are the stories we can tell.


  • Love by Any Other Name

    I read the letters now in a different order. LOVE, in five-year-old enthusiasm, has been written out in a word he has practiced so much more.

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  • The Wilderness We Know

    My son might as well be entering a unknown cave full of snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs. At least that’s what I imagine.

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  • Butterfly Season

    Much like a four-year old, it’s grown so fast that it no longer fits in the same form. There’s no other option but to completely transform as it grows up. 

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  • Creekside

    From the parents’ perch on the picnic side of the creek, we watch as our newly minted three-year-olds tackle the opposite hill.

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  • The Age of Mordors

    This was the age of the mordors, a spectacular creature that moved in herds, usually five species at a time if we could find all of them. Sometimes, they split up for a hunt.

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